• How long have your been in business?

    We have been providing the local San Francisco community delicious food for the past 34 years.

  • What region of Mexico is your food from?

    When we designed our menu, we wanted to do a sampler of the most popular fast food of our countries 7 gastronomical regions - The Baja; North; Central; the Gulf; the Yucatán; the Pacific and the deep South.

  • Do you have any Vegan dishes?

    Yes, we have some salads (De la Casa and Mexicana Salads); Vegetarian Tamales; Vegetarian Tacos; Garden Vegetarian Burritos; Tostada Salad and Non-dairy Nachos.

  • Do you cater onsite for special parties/dishes?

    Yes, we offer a full service catering upon request. What services we offer is tailored to your specific needs.

  • Do you cater for special, private events?

    Yes!We do Weddings; Picnics; Office Party; Birthday; Showers etc.

  • Do you custom make any dishes?

    Yes, we do it all the time and we are more than happy and willing to go the "extra mile".

  • Do you ever make any "Mole" dishes?

    Yes, we do Chicken or Turkey in Mole Enchiladas in combo plates with rice and beans on the side – We try to have this special on Wednesday or Thursday.

  • Do you use Lard/Peanut Oil in your dishes?

    Absolutely NOT. We only use Olive Oil and Corn Oil with our fried items - Antojitos  (Mexican Street Foods).